Saturday, June 30, 2007


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
i can't seem to post my replies. ):
soooo, i'll reply here!

Nicole: Temptations in my heart!
you're killing me, girl! hah!

Elaine: Awwww! you remembered?
that's so sweet! Makes me happy. :D

Jx: Whatever!

Loo: hah. love your reply, girl.

Loo: Cute rigggght! That, Naughty boy!

Nicole: Re-linked babe! (:

I'm back t school.
heh, tday i did Cocker Cut.
On a 5-6month old Cocker puppy!

My gaaaaawd loh,
She made me so dizzy chasing him arnd,
keep spinning, spinning &spinning around!

After class, i had dinner with Tania,
instead of Someone Else.
then we sat around, chatting and crapping.
and went of at around 10plus.

Tday started, damn badly.
i got kinda pissed off.
then i got sad &disappointed.
then i got irritated.
then i saw some crap,
Started feeling down &teary.
Sigh. This is madness.

but there's always Jon!
& Hsien Yang!
& Florella!
& YuanQing!
& Shawn!
& Tania!
& JX!
& Brandon!
& Many many many loves.

It's Big, big big step, I'm taking on my own.
Imma just gonna learn t be more independent
&be more okay about being lonely!
I'll prolly erase all th unhappy times when time comes,
& only rmb all th sweet sweet stuff of this first love.
... My memory is damn limited anyway. hah.
(Ok, i know. So UNROMANTIC!)

Okay, i didn't intend t write
such a wordy post from th start!
So where did all this stuff pour out from!

Yesterday i went for faaaaacial,
& when i reached home.

(it's just this silly hp camera lens,
that can make you slimmer for fatter! HAH!)

Then i met up YuanQing t go Plaza Singapura.
(booooring! booooo!)

Then we went there, walked around.
(It always happens with th 2 of us. Like a cycle!)
I wanted t have th Bratwurt's sandwiches!
It was one of mine &ex boyf's favourite lor.
but we settled for Carl's Jr anyway. -.-


Know what i love most about this shot?
I actually look Fairer than YQ! :x

Remember me saying about th slimmer/fatter camera lens?
This is the Skinny shot! :D

Th Fatty shot! hah!
My face looks like it's bursting.

I'm actually gonna show you,

Fidelis's Ugliest/Stupidest/
Scariest/Most Spastic picture!

I can gurantee i don't look like anything like that
when i go out normally! :x

TADAAAAAH! (fidel's lizard smile!)



YuanQing's boring bigface shot! BORING! :x

YQ looks tiko pehpeh-ish! :x

Now you know who's leg is shorter. Heh.
Pardon my thunder thigh please.

I've got a Longer tongue too! :x

She's just envious of my sharp chin! HAHAHAHAS!

Note: My captions are just for th sake of fun!

Okay, i gotta sleep NOW.
Else i'll def be late for JMD tomorrow!

& I miss you florella ang. (:

till then, byebye! ♥

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
nybody encounter problems with it?
i can't seem to post my replies. ):
soooo, i'll reply here!

Passer-by: Geez, that's making me
fly &hitting th ceiling,
hahahas, thanks!

Loo: Sigh, i guess it's like that.
growing up and everything.

--: At times, Nivea Visage Whitening Foam,
sometimes, Fancl powder wash.

Shann: yeah,
i joined a spree.
but i think there is direct shipping t singapore.
maybe you can email them and ask?

i'm still sick!
today even have blocked nose &runny nose.
this must be th result of not

being sick for a long time!
everything come at one time.

this is like, th 3rd day i've not been t school.
sigh. i miss those doggies.

yesterday i met up with YQ.
we were craving for shaker fries!
(Yes! even with my horrible sore throat!)
But th nearest mac don've shaker fries anymore.

&we went t Hougang Mall,
don've also!
Sigh x 100000000 times.

then we went back t th mac and sat there

and chat till, 1130pm?
& the whole time my head was like, feeling floaty!
must be th meds.

& i've facial at 1230pm tmr.
maybe i'll go shopping alone after facial! :D

tday i bought 2 American Eagle Aerie cord shorts!
heh. they looked reaaaally comfy.
Seeee, i'm so dead even when i'm at home.
so exposed t pretty things everyday!

Jx got th Rouge Unlimited for me
as my birthday prezzie!

My cutest Peanut!

till then, byebye! ♥
before my meds kick in &my head gets floaty!

Monday, June 25, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
nybody encounter problems with it?
i can't seem to post my replies. ):
soooo, i'll reply here!

Ptb: Heh, i want Tao's.

Tania: Take leave on thursday leh,
then we go shopping. teeheehee.

Yanting: Sorry! was waiting for
photos from here and there.
heh, so it took so looooong.
wanted t update last night but i fell ill. ):

Loo: why loo? hahahahahahs!
i'm updating now!

Loo: hmmm, eyeliner?
just pull on your eyelids &
draw with the eyeliner brush lor.
okay crappy, who doesn't know that?
you've got t experiment for yourself,
like, i've nvr knew how t draw for my friends
that have inner eyelids or single eyelids.

Qing: HI PONG, i'm updating nooooow.

Some people just barge into your life,
make your heartbeat faster.
& Suddenly, POOF!
and they're gone.

Right now, my guinea pigs are
roaming arnd my living room!
They're so cute. heh

i just bought like, 20pieces of mask! :x
i'm going t mask eeeeeverynight,
so i'll have better complexion!

Sigh, i'm getting breathless from all th coughing.
and my throat really hurts. ):

and i just drank this,
freaking disgusting tasting cough mixture.
it's not those typical brown clinic cough mixture man.
it really really taste damn horrible.
i think i must have had a damn
amazing expression when i was drinking it man.
frowning, face looking green.

i did two schnauzers cut last weeeeeek.
i don't like schnauzers at all!
Strong, nasty/naughty little devils!
& i totally spend th whole day on it man.
last week Tania went t genting and i was aloooone.

chatted abit with th part-time groomer
and he told me he use t work full time there,
and even th delivering of doggies.
Omg lor, must be super tiring!

Eeven now for me,
after class which ends at like 8-9pm recently.
so it's like, 8-9 hours aday.
not t mention time t travel home.
gosh, i get so tired everyday loh.
i wonder how tania could stand it!

my 1st schnauzer cut! heh.

we were at vivocity.
Shop/Sweets/Carl's Jr/Cam-Whore/Hotguys!
and Danny &Ezzat later that night!

I'm PING &she's PONG! :x

My eyebags looked so scary!
because that afternoon something went into my eyes
&got stuck there pretty long before i could dig it out.
then i started getting teary
and thus th horrible eyebags!

that night with Danny &Ezzat!
we thought Ezzat is just chinese mixed malay.

but noooooo!
Danny told me on saturday
that he's mixed from everywhere! :x
indonesia, holland, and i forget th rest!
so interesting. hah.

they're a fun bunch.
Right, Pong?

this shot was like, super candid!
danny was supposingly taking a picture for ezzat &YQ.
then he suddenly spin th camera arnd and snap!
thus my stupid smile. -.-

&i went t JMD's basic dance practice on saturday.
jmd's a dancing club in NPY.
cos Danny's teaching dance there,
so he asked me t go along and have fuuuun!
and it's damn fun!
laughing at myself doing everything wrong. :x

Danny's stretching exercise is like,
damn torturous!
but still, it's fuuuun.
making some new friends,
& i'm going t go next week too!

Uncle Danny says i've got a good dancer's body okay!
Flexible okay! :x
okay, i'm hitting th ceiling alrdy. heh.

&&& my birthday is cominnnnng!
in, uh... 10 more days!
whoa this is faaaaaast.

i bought this inspired Muse Dome baaaaaag,
&a pair of white skinnies from
wheeeee, unresistable!

sunday, as usual,
t church, then youth.
serene ended pretty much quickly
&we didn't have anything t do, so we camwhored!

Alright, we look crazy here,
we were pulling each other's hair,
how normal can that be?
and i look like a psycho. hah.

we were on a deathroll. -.-

oh yeah, talking about LOOOOVE.
Hoooly Molly Love.

We brokeup again.
note the We.

It's not i dumped him/he dumped me.
this time, it's not th damn emo kinda thingy,
it's just, i guess i've grown up and changed alot.
i'm just not so easy in giving in t him
&stuff anymore.

and prolly i can't stand his character and stuff.
Being too Loud sometimes.
Super ok with being late that kinda attitude.

but i still love his craps/laughters.
but i still miss/love th old boy i had 3years ago.
3years ago, he was a completely different person.
it's weird, how would 3years pass so quickly
&with him time felt like
it's slipping away even quicker?

i rmb myself being fourteen, &him eighteen.
that's damn young!

i rmb myself being fifteen, wrote a song for him.
&cook lunch and bring it t
NYP for him during his breaks &sneak into his lectures.
both of us changed so much.
sigh, so i'm single now.

&i know of a busybody.
who always acts damn busy
&reading everyone's blog.
she'll open her big fat mouth
and bitch this big fat news t everyone
th next minute she finish reading this.
Sometimes i really can't stand people like her.

till then, byebye! ♥

Monday, June 18, 2007

New photos up!
Last Sunday with Florella, Nana.
scroll down. (:

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
anybody encounter problems with it?

i can't seem to post my replies. ):
soooo, i'll reply here!

Rac: Suuuuuure. (:

Chuanmei: Heh, it'll be so fun loh.

Girl: i find that it's okay, so so.
but better used as intensive mask thou.
i used that everyday as mask
for one whole mth and
my complexion got better &makeup stays on longer.

As mention on my last post,
i dyed my hair Jet Blaaaaaaaack!
like, really really blaaaaack.
heh. & i got a haircut @monsoon yesterday.

Had dinner @Tao's restaurant with leon last night.
Mmmm. Mmmm. Yummy!
Teapot Fishsoup, Huai San, Stir fried Mushroom,
Grilled Snappel in Terriyaki Sauce, Creme Brulee.
ahhhhhh, Temptation's in my heart!

I bought a red/hearts tube dress from Forever21 tday!
I'm so haaaaappy. =D
went out with Rafe after church.
bought a Father's day gift for my dad.
We had Chippy's Mash potato/Cheese sausage.
My faaaaavourite!

went t watch "Men in White."
it's not very very good, no story line.
just funny, funny, funny scenes all th way.
not THAT funny either thou. :x
Okay, i'm so contradicting myseeeelf!

&we had subwaaaaaaay in the movies.
my favourite Meatball Marirna
&Oatmeal/Raisins Coooookie!

after dye/before haircut!

after dye/after haircut!

i'm just helping YQ t advertise this!

Tickets for Attica.
TwentyFirst June.

Contact YuanQing @92251925!

Th crazy &fun people.
i had fuuuuuuun!

Click t view larger image.

i'm like, th faaaairest!
seeeee, don't work at escape
if you don't wanna get yourself tanned

till then, byebye! ♥

Friday, June 15, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
anybody encounter problems with it?
i can't seem to post my replies. ):
soooo, i'll reply here!

Shan: i'm sorry but i've alrdy deleted th link!


Rac: nope, US dollars.
omg, like thousands of people are
asking me th same question!

Girl: you can check on sgspree.livejournal
every now and then.



I'm like blasting r&b/clubbing hits now.
makes me feel like..

&because it's pretty private,
i cannot reveal here. heh.

Thanks Tania!
i know i slept like a ... GUINEA PIG!
she called me from like 910am
till 955am then i woke up. :x

tday i finaaaaaally started on pattern cut!
i did silky cut on a silky terrier,
that doesn't have much fur!
sounds kinda silly. =/
but it's fuuuun.

Clip 5mm blade through fur from
chest bone till hip bone,
blend down into skirting,

Hand Scissoring.
Feet 90Degrees, 40Degree around
connect with 90Degree.
Back&Front, Left&Right, Underline, Topline.
Angulation blah blah!

Comb up &trim eyes area.
Straight Cut at chin,
connect from ear all the way t straight line.
okay, nobody's getting it anyway!

recently i'm like super clumsy!
got cut by my grooming pair of scissors,
tripped by my clipper/shaver's wire,
bumping into th grooming tables,
get bitten by a cute dooooooog.
omg, i've got th effing clumsy disease!

okay, went out with florella &nana on sunday.
it was reaaaally fun,
although those new heels gave me like 3 blisters.
it's so fun hanging out with them!
oh yah! &i sold th pinafore t nana!
florella bought her red jeans,
karen said it she looked like th traffic light in it!

then we went t collect her holga camera.
&we got t pose with th cam on the cam! :x
doesn't make sense.

i don've nana's!

i woke up one morning
&saw them being soooo cute!
creep back into my room t get my phone.

butter &mimao!
they look so darn comfy.
i wonder if they actually watch th tv when it's on.

a westie mixed maltese.
i took it when my friend
took a break when grooming her.
she's so photogenic arh!

it's weeeeird.
when i'm still in school,
i'm so tired/sick of school.

&the last day of sch,
i was so sure i nvr wanted
t wear th uniform anymore.
i saw this picture afew days ago,
& started t really really miss school.

anyone wanna wear our school uniform
&go out with me someday?

We looked so happy.
i don't even rmb what we were laughing about.
i think th 5 of us, we were suppose t do some project
but ended up camwhoring the whole afternoon.
that's sec3?
omg, time flies.

went out with danny 2days ago?
had carl's jr @Plaza Singapura.
major disappointment! ):

then we went t get tickets for Fantastic4
for danny, jasmine & meeeee!
heheheh, he nvr see th receipt/ticket thing from
AXN machines befooooore!

Went Taka &we had gelato.
mmmmmm, yummy.
then we had subway cookies during th movie.
he's says it's so sinful t go out with me. :x

&he said i'm sooooo unromantic okay, UNROMANTIC!
cos i told him i don't like people giving me
display items like those precious moments
&some freaky dolls blah blah stuff, you know.
i mean, they're like a total waste of space/money
&they just sit there and collect dust.

so why is giving me things that collect dust ROMANTIC!
i'd rather people give me stuff i likeeeeee! (:

so i'm gonna make a birthday wish list,
take your pick my dear friends!
(if you don't know, i'm actually just kidding.)

Coach's Signature Stripe Mini Skinny
Guess Watch
Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited
Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect
M.A.C Tendertone LipBalm SPF12
M.A.C Liquidlast Liner in PointBlack
Ettusais Ultra Lip Gloss

but, th most i want.
is having my birthday celebrated
with my friends on th day itself.

th reason why i struck off Guess Watch,
it's because he's already got it for meeeeee.
althought it wasn't really th one i wanted.
i'm loving it! (:

& ohyah!
i dyed my hair jet black.
till then, byebye! ♥